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Hvammsvik Hot Springs, dinner and Hunt for the Northern lights

Seeing the Northern Lights is a bucket-list experience for many people and with good reason!

When you see the colorful lights dancing across the sky, you won’t want it to stop!

Iceland is one of the world’s premier aurora-spotting destinations. In fact, we recommend that all visitors keep an eye on the sky on clear, dark nights as you may get lucky.

There are no rules when it comes to spotting the Northern Lights but, through years of experience, locals know brilliant places to catch a dazzling show.

On a private Northern Lights tour with, we will go for Northern lights hunting to these places when the aurora forecast looks promising.

The Aurora season starts in September and ends in April. If you plan to visit Iceland during this period, our private tours can allow you to enjoy this quintessential Iceland experience in style.

What's included

  • Admission fee to a luxury spa in Hvammsvik
  • Soup and one glass of any drink at Hvammsvik
  • Icelandic nature in the dark
  • Hot Chocolate & Volcanic vodka
  • Hunting for Northlights
  • Lifetime experience

What do I need to bring

Bring with you: good mood :) & bathing suit



  • 4×4 Private Tour
  • luxury spa in Hvammsvik
  • Hunt for Northlights

Hvammsvik Hot Springs, dinner and Hunt for the Northern lights

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