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Lava Beach 2 hour Buggy Tour

Are you looking for thrill than this is the right tour for you it´s short but alot of adventure in just one hour, this is not your typical bus tour we ride in the Buggy around Hópsnes where we will pass by ship-wrecks and old ruins that people used to live in from there we head for some amazing mountain safari we drive in the side of the Mountain Húsafjall and onto the top of Hagafell where we can expect great view over the Blue Lagoon, Island of Eldey or fire Island if you are looking for short adventure in Iceland this is the right one for you.. The ATVs are automatic and easy to drive, so no experience is needed.

What's included

1 Hour Buggy tour with english speaking guide. All Gear for the Buggy ride.

What do I need to bring

Camera Good mood Your own outdoor gear if you want


Hagafell mountain Húsafell mountain Ship wrecks Lava and volcanic sand tracks

Lava Beach 2 hour Buggy Tour

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