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Ice Cave and Glacier Exploration Tour

Would you like to ride in a custom-made super-jeep and explore the diverse beauty the glacier has to offer?
Are you ready to spend the day hiking and discovering some of Iceland’s most beautiful natural treasures?
Then you should definitely join our extensive and most highly rated tour, the Ice Cave and Glacier Exploration Tour.


During the Ice Cave Exploration Tour, you will spend 5-6 hours with one of our experienced guides hiking Breiðamerkurjökull, the glacier outlet of the larger and better-known Vatnajökull. Breiðamerkurjökull is also well known for being the same glacier that overlooks the Glacier Lagoon. During your tour, your guide will share their local knowledge of the area, as well as give you an inside into Icelandic culture. On tour, your guide will show you all the breathtaking landscapes the glacier has to offer, from crevasses and moulins to deep ice caves. This tour is rated Medium to Hard, as a result, you will be walking a total distance of about 10-12 km (depending on the group) on various terrains. Before you step foot on the glacier your guide will introduce you to all the safety equipment necessary for the tour and will ensure that you are prepared before taking your first steps on the glacier. The Ice Cave and Glacier Exploration tour consists mainly of a glacier walk where you will see different compositions of the glacier but the tour also includes a visit to the season’s biggest ice cave.

It is highly advisable to take a camera, or at least a phone to capture the amazing moments because it will not be long before the glacial formations change or even disappear as they normally do.


Since this is our most in-depth tour and we have more time to spend exploring, we always try to choose the most beautiful locations and ice caves to take our clients to. Keep in mind that from season to season, even within the season, the ice caves change, old ones disappear, and new ones form. The ice caves we visit therefore change, but we always take our clients to the best ice cave of the season.

Ice Cave and Glacier Exploration Tour

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