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Buggy, Lava Tunnel and Burger

This five-hour Buggy, Lava Tunnel and Burger tour is a unique way to enjoy Icelandic nature and covers some waterfalls and gravel road driving. A stunning natural playground for the next few hours, as your test out your buggy surrounded by amazing scenery that only Iceland can offer.

The tour starts from Hveradalir by Road 378. It's approximately 20 miles (roughly 33 kilometers) from Reykjavik, so you can easily enjoy your buggy ride on an excursion from the capital city.

After a short briefing where your guide will take you through safety procedures, we dress up in a snow/whole suit and helmet and hop onto our buggy ride.

After that we start our tour with a visit to the Raufarhólshellir Lava Tunnel, a must see and one of the longest lava tubes in Iceland.

Raufarhólshellir is an underground tube created by the mighty power of a volcvanic eruption over 5.000 years ago.

After the visit to Raufarhólshellir we drive to our neighboring village Hveragerði for a burger in the Greenhouse, a terrific food market.

The village Hveragerði is probably the "hottest" village in Iceland, whereas geothermal heat is just few feets under the inhabitants and greenhouses are there in abundance. One of the best burgers in Iceland is served in Gróðurhúsið.

A true celebration for both eyes and stomach!

These 2 or 4 seaters, 4×4 ATVs are fully automatic, fully inspected and road legal. They are also bursting with excellent safety and design features, such as the roll cage, safety belts, and double A-arm front suspension. All of which makes for a buggy ride that’s as safe as it is comfortable.

A valid international drivers license´ is required to drive a buggy and a minimum age of 17 years.

Buggy, Lava Tunnel and Burger

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