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Ocean and Bjarnagjá diving combo

Join us on a Ocean dive in the North Atlantic and a fissure dive in salty and fresh water in Bjarnagja. This new diving combo might just be for you if you would like to try something completely different.

Both dive sites are located in Reykjanes peninsula, about an hour drive from downtown Reykjavik.

The structure of your tour depends on the tides and weater conditions that day. Our experienced guides will decide which dive spot you will first dive at shortly before your dive date.

**Bjarnagjá fissure**

According to an older theory of continental drift, the Eurasian and North American continental plates shift and grind together in an endless clash of subterranean forces under a gaping rift at the tip of the Reykjanes peninsula in southwest Iceland. Bjarnagjá is an 18 m deep lava ravine on this very peninsula where the tectonic activity has caused Iceland to rise out of the ocean.

The water in Bjarnagjá is mostly fresh groundwater but it is influenced by the salinity of the sea as the rift is only few hundred meters from the coast. For those who have the appropriate level of training and diving experience this site offers dives in an overhead environment.

A boat has been placed at the bottom of the fissure, adding an eeriness to the dive spot.

**Ocean dive**

On the Ocean Diver Day Tour you will join the undersea inhabitants of the North Atlantic for a swim through Iceland’s cool coastal scene.

Our favorite local ocean dive site is Garður, which is a shore dive.

You will scuba dive in a kelp forest which offers a great habitat for a number of marine species, including lumpsuckers, nudibranches, and a wide variety of invertebrates. Colorful algae also flourish here off the coast of Iceland.

You will most likely notice pairs of eyes sticking out of the sandy patches of the ocean floor where the flounders live. Soft orange coral also intermittently decorates the sandy ocean floor. In the area of the kelp forests, a wolf fish might pay you an unexpected visit or stick its head out of a pile of rocks, looking a bit like a prehistoric creature.

Note that ocean dives in Iceland depend on the weather and it can happen that scheduled ocean dive trips have to be canceled due to unfortunate weather conditions.

If that is the case we usually have a plan B and can offer you other dive sites, such as Kleifarvatn, Davíðsgjá orSilfrathat do not depend on the weather as much as the ocean.

The structure of your Diving Tour

This Diving Day Tour includes 2 dives which will take about 30-40 minutes each, with a maximum depth of 18 meters.

If you have your own transportation, we will send you a meeting location in your booking confirmation. The meeting location depends on the tides that day.

If you choose the pick up option, your guide will pick you up and drop you off at your location in Reykjavík. During the one-hour drive, your guide will provide you with background information about the unique geology and cultural history of Iceland.

Your guide will give you a detailed briefing of each dive site and will then assist you in setting up our dive equipment. We use high quality BARE and Aqualung brand SCUBA equipment and APEX or Aqualung regulators.

After each tour, we will have hot coco and cookies.

After the second tour we drive back to Reykjavik. We recommend visiting the Blue Lagoon after your tour. If you have booked transportation, we can drop you off there and you can book transportation back to Reykjavik.

What's included

  • Guided diving trip
  • 2 guided 40min dives
  • All necessary equipment
  • Hot chocolate and cookies after the diving tour

What do I need to bring

  1. your SCUBA dive certification card (PADI Open Water or equivalent)
  2. proof of dry suit certification or 10 logged dry suit dives within two years of tour date
  3. long underwear
  4. thick socks
  5. suitable clothes for the weather of the day
  6. Bring a physicians approval if divers are 60 years or older


  • be a certified diver at the level of PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent
  • have dry suit diving certification and a logged dry suit dive within two years of the hot spring tour date OR have at least 10 logged dry suit dives within two years of the hot spring tour date and be able to provide written proof from a diving instructor of these dry suit dives PDF
  • have read, signed, and followed directions on the online Diving Medical Statement (link provided in confirmation email) PDF
  • have our Diving Medical form signed off by a doctor if they are age 60 or older PDF
  • sign our liability release form at the start of the dive tour PDF
  • be at minimum 150cm / maximum 200cm
  • be at minimum 45kg / maximum 120kg
  • fit within our dry suit size chart PDF
  • be at least 17 years of age (signature of legal guardian required for under 18 year old participants)
  • be physically fit
  • be able to communicate in English
  • be ready to wear a sometimes tight & constricting dry suit
  • not be pregnant

Ocean and Bjarnagjá diving combo

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