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Davíðsgjá Dive Tour

Davíðsgjá is a fissure located in Lake Thingvellir, just like Silfra. The name directly translates as David's fissure. Davíðsgjá is popular among local divers but international divers are not frequent visitors.

Davíðsgjá is usually slightly warmer then Silfra. Divers walk straight into the water and after a shallow swim they enter the long, deep and narrow Davíðsgjá fissure.

The maximum depth of the dive in this fissure is 21 meters. Davíðsgjá often has incredible underwater visibility, although this varies and is more dependent on weather than in Silfra. Therefore, Davíðsgjá is sometimes called Silfra's wilder and darker sibling.

The top of the fissure in Davíðsgjá is actually about 7 meters underwater, which allows for more contact with the water in Thingvallavatn lake. It is therefore common that trout join the divers in exploring this fissure.

Davíðsgjá Dive Tour

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